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Coming into the present moment

Caveat: easier said than done of course.

Foreword: this post is not meant to minimalise your suffering. Your pain from guilt, depression and anxiety is real.

And before the practice in this post can be done, you first need to be heard and believed.

To be believed is to heal.

So if a empathetic ear isn't something that you're receiving in your life, please see the resources on my about page okay?


Too often, we fall into the trap of overthinking, ruminating.

We can't help but reflect on the past, thinking about all the things we would change if we could go back in time again.

Or at other times, our minds sway to the future, conjuring up a dozen scenarios of what could happen if we had to decide on a particular action today.

Our minds tend to think in terms of "cause and effect", searching to the past for answers, perhaps so we can find some form of certainty about the future.

But the past, the future, these are not things we can control can we?


Yet, know this, your mind is doing this for a reason.

It comes from a part of you working hard to protect you - to protect you from being harmed, judged, rejected, hurt, blamed or getting caught off guard again.

A part of you that is now overvigilant. And perhaps, over protective. Afraid that you might feel the pain you once felt before.

Still, here is the question:

Is it worth allowing yourself to spend so much time in that space between guilt, regret and future-oriented anxiety that you choose to forgo the present?

Not really. This is your one and only life.

You're meant to live it.

So, here's what you can do.

First acknowledge your past pain. Feel it. Talk to it.

Heal it.

Then second, come back.

Come back here to the present moment.

The present moment is where you live.

Don't spend it all in your mind, allowing the parts of you that are still hurt to overthink and ruminate it away.

Heal them, then choose to live in this present moment instead.


So what are you going to choose to do in this present moment?

Living right here with you,



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