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Do you struggle with self-compassion?

Don't worry, me too.

This is a post about self compassion.

A practice that I'll readily admit is not easy to do.

Because maybe, like me, you have a part of you that feels unworthy...

Or ashamed and undeserving of love too.

You see, there's a term for such parts of ourselves.

We call them "exiles" in psychotherapy.

For me, one of my exiles was a past version of myself...

A youth that used to be creative and carefree.

But this was also the same youth who was criticised by my peers.

Shamed as being unsophisticated, "stupid" and immature.

Even though back then all I wanted to do was to be myself and enjoy my life.

Instead I tucked this part of myself away.

And hid him away from the world.

Pretending to like things that I didn't like, and pretending to be smarter than I was.

All the while feeling a little fragile, pretending to be a person I knew I wasn't.

Hiding away the "real" me.

But the truth is, this was also a part of me that never actually went away.

It remained inside as a deep seated wound.

Sometimes showing up as resentment to others.

Sometimes showing up as fear of criticism too.

But in my internal world, what it often showed up as...

Was a shame of being who I "really" am at my root.

So here I am, bringing this part of me out.

Drawing whatever I want and writing whatever I want too.

To this part of me, i don't want to "exile" you anymore.

Come on out, let's flourish together for good.




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