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Happy holidays 2022.

Before the new year arrives, let's take time to do this :)

Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone :)

To you out there, I hope this time brings you lots of peace and joy.

But along with that, here's a simple message.

A gentle remember for all you've done in your journey of healing this year too.


For those who've trusted me to walk with you on this journey, thank you for that 😊

I've seen alot of you grow immensely, learning to move forward despite your fears.

You've started to accept more of yourselves, even the scariest parts like your thoughts and feelings.

Especially the ones that you've been running away from all your life.

You and I, we were also time travellers. Going back in time to many places of hurt.

But out of this journey together, you've found something greater than this pain.

You recovered a piece of yourself and made yourself more whole again.

You know who you are, and today I'm celebrating you.

Btw, as you know by now, I got to practice what I preach so I'm also taking the time to celebrate myself too.

So to the me of 2022, thank you for surviving the most painful of days.

Thank you for being the fighter who sees life as worth fighting for each day.

Through the darkest of times, you were still brave.

And even though we are still on the journey of moving forward, rest assured the "old" me, you'll always be part of the journey forward too.

Merry Christmas,



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