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How "healthy" couples manage relationship conflicts.

A five-step guide for smooth-sailing.

I put quotation marks between the word "healthy" because this isn't always the easiest thing to do.

Even after being married for years, sometimes I'm still a mean monster to my wife too.

Saying things like:

"Why didn't YOU do this?"

And saying:

"YOU should've known this or that".

Instead of using statements that start with "I", like:

"I feel frustrated that it's 3pm and the dogs haven't been fed".

And it's not very nice that sometimes I expect her to read my mind...

When really what I could've done was to tell her what I needed and what I would like her to do.

LASTLY, no one likes to be forced into an argument when they are already overwhelmed and need some time to chill.

But I also know that all of us here are really works-in-progress...

Including me, including my wife and whoever matters to you.

So go easy on this one okay? It takes time for us to unlearn patterns that we have gotten too used to.

Because what matters most of all is that you're willing to put in the work.

And to be the best for yourself and your loved ones too.

To my wife the fellow mean-monster.

Know that I love you.

Take care,




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