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How to let go of shame.

It needs to be heard.

There is a burden that many of us carry.

This is the burden of shame, of secrets, hidden deep within our body.

Our minds might try to pretend it doesn't exist, but the feeling is still there.

Weighing down like a bag of heavy rocks in our tummy.

And the truth is, shame is hard to talk about. Because, well, we are all ashamed of shame.

The fear of being judged, looked down upon, or laughed at is so real.

But continuing to carry this all in secret will takes its toll on us too.

We feel like we can't fully show our faces, afraid of what our expressions might reveal.

And as much as we try to push it to the back of our mind, we still feel its presence somewhere within us.

Sometimes even showing up as nightmares, like a reminder from our subconscious telling us to reveal.

But my friends, know this.

Despite how you feel about this feeling, it really does have a story to tell.

Just like all emotions, it comes from the part of you that wants to be heard.

Shame isn't meant to be suppressed or hidden away.

It deserves a voice, for this feeling first existed as HURT too.

So don't suppress your pain or shame in quiet any longer.

Find that safe space.

Because to unburden yourself is also to heal.

(Go back to the image above and turn your phone upside down okay?)


Based on the quote:

Shame dies when stories are told in safe spaces." -Ann Voskamp


P. S. If you don't have a safe space, you know where to find me.

Take care,



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