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I will not run away from "me".

A brief conversation with FEAR.

What are you running away from?" was a question I once asked my fears.

It whispered many things - it was afraid of being a failure, afraid of being found to be an imposter, and afraid of being judged by others.

My fears came from a place of being hurt and worries of a future where I'm still an unworthy human being.

I do want to tell you though, that whatever your fear is - they are all real and valid fears.

And perhaps because they feel so real, the easiest route will always be to turn tail and run away from them.

But running away comes at a big cost.

Because by running away, we are also running away from a life that is worth living.

A life where we can truly be our best possible selves.

And for me, by continuing to run away, it would cost me a life of being the "me" I truly wanted to be.

But this is my one and only life.

So now, I say and believe this absolutely.

That I will no longer run away from me.


Based on a true story of how I was afraid of starting this account and opening up on my mental illness and, later, starting IASH.SG.

But I chose to not run away.

And now we've helped hundreds of Singaporeans find ongoing support.

So don't mind if I say this, but tonight, I'm feeling pretty glad I chose to be "me".

I hope you get to be "you" too.

Reach out if you need help,




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