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Look beneath your "triggers".

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

There's a part of you that needs you to see it.

What's happening everytime you get angry, flustered, anxious, panicky, or feel hopeless?

Or the times when you lash out, freeze or want to shut down?

What's beneath your triggers?

You'll probably find that it's an old wound telling of a time when you were threatened.

When what you are deserving of, and what we are all deserving of - love, safety, connection and belonging - were unmet or threatened or even taken away.

Listen to your triggers.

Hear the story that your younger self wants you to remember and not hide away.

Go gentle and slow.

You have to. Because your younger self has suffered too much already.

And be compassionate.

Because this younger self of yours deserves your love and attention. Aren't they things he or she never received in the past?

And remember, what happened to us was never our fault. But the choice to heal sits with us always, okay?

Take care,



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