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Meet Pam: why speaking to a hear bud helps :)

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

A free 1:1 platform for you to share your worries and problems.

Sometimes, it's not easy to let others in on our problems.

All too often, we try and struggle through them alone.

There's always that fear that someone might think you're being weak - perhaps for not being able to "fix" it yourself, or for bringing up a "trivial" issue, or even judge you for getting yourself into that situation in the first place.

It really doesn't help, does it?

And at other times, you might simply not have someone around you that you can really confide in. The people around you aren't that close at an emotional level.

Otherwise, you've been depending on your close friends and family members. However, as loving as they are, they will still have their own biases and approaches on how they want to help you.

For example, they might solely be focused on "solving" your problems ,when all you want, really, is for them to listen and support you.

Unfortunately, that's the truth for most of us.

Why talking to a Hear Bud helps :)

Do check out Pam's video above on why she volunteered to be Hear Bud at

Like Pam, all our Hear Buds are well aware of the difficulties that life can throw at us, and the difficulties in really opening up ourselves to others.

Whatever your worries or fears are, or if any of the above resonates with you - Don't struggle alone.

Our Hear Buds are here to help.

1) We practice Unconditional Positive Regard.

This means accepting you for who you are, and not trying to change you. We don't see you as a problem, but as a person with a problem. We hope to really find out what the root of the problem is, so you can really move on to becoming your best self.

2) Empathy - we feel you.

We want to feel what it's like to be you. We put ourselves in your shoes and really try to understand what's going on with you.

No matter how scary it is, how worried you are, how sad you feel, we want to feel what you're going through - so we can walk together with you on your journey hand-in-hand.

3) We aim to be genuine.

We are not therapists, counsellors or any kind of purported "expert" in this space. We are all human, just like you.

When you speak to us, you are speaking to another human being - who understands the notion of pain and suffering, just like you do.

We are your peers, except specifically trained in listening and counselling support, and willing to be of your life through this distressing period.

4) We are willing to be vulnerable.

We are open with our own stories. For example, Pam here has gone through a significant burnout in her last job that led to her wanting to take a career break for her mental health.

All our other Hear Buds are open with their own struggles - be it mental illness, relationship difficulties, loneliness or even darker things - we've all experienced pain and suffering.

5) And when you're ready, we collaborate with you to solve the problem.

Lastly, we practice a little kind of thing called Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT). Don't worry, you won't get any advice you didn't ask for

It's a questioning framework all our Hear Buds are trained in. It's based on the belief that you know yourself best and that really, you have the answers to your own problems.

It's only that turbulent thoughts and emotions have gotten in the way. So once we've managed to help you process and clear some of them, we'll help you figure out the solution that you think is best for you to move forward.

So, whatever it is you're going through, don't struggle alone k? Let us be a part of what's going on.

Speak to us. We'll be here :)

If you'd like to book a free Hear Bud / Peer Support session with Pam, you can do so here. Take care for now!


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