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The truth about your "anxiety".

It's not just in our heads.

Anxiety isn't all just in our "minds".

It's a very real thing that we experience in our bodies too.

The tightening chest.

The fear in our skin rising up.

The racing thoughts and racing heart.

Preparing us to get ready to fight or flight.

And because anxiety is experienced in the body, it's not that easy to just "snap out of it".

Nor can we always easily "logic" or reason our way out of it either.

Even if you told us to "just calm down" that's not going to work.

Because how are we supposed to calm down when everything really feels like it's about to come crashing down?

To those out there who experience anxiety, I feel you.

This is for you.

And if instead you know a person experiencing anxiety, let's not rush them into somehow feeling better.

For it's not possible for us to do that when our body is in alarm.