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Waiting to be rescued.

And surprised who finally came.

As a child, I was always hoping that someday, someone would come around to make me feel safe again.

To make me feel that it was okay to put all my trust in that person.

This person would be someone I could cry to whenever I needed to.

To share my worries without any fear.

To make me feel utterly cared for, enough, and unconditionally worthy of love and affection

What I never imagined was that this person would be "me" in the future.

Coming back in time to soothe and love my younger self.

To let him cry when he needed to, share his fears, and to be given empathy, compassion and safety whenever he needed.

And in return, this younger part in me started to blossom.

It learned to love and trust again.

And still carrying this part with me wherever I go, I also learned to love and trust again.

Every step of the way, moving forward together, both of us learning from each other.

All the while, healing and blossoming.

So go on, reach out and give that younger self of yours the hug it has been yearning for.

Comfort it in its pain.

Be the person it always needed.

So you can heal again.

Let's heal.

Reach out if you need help 💙


P. S. Do have a therapist to go along with you in your journey to your younger self. Often times, it's hard to access this part of us because of the pain and hurt it felt. So much so that others parts have arisen to protect it, showing up as anger, frustration, depression, emptiness, hopelessness, anxiety and guilt. It's a process, but healing is really learning to end the conflict within yourself.


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