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What makes us tired?

Maybe you need to spend more time doing "you".

I'm not sure if it's the same for you, but I used to feel absolutely tired after a week at my old job.

It wasn't to say the "busiest job in the world".

It was manageable, but somehow left me feeling absolutely exhausted when Fridays came around.

Fridays was always the day I was absolutely DONE.

And boy did I look forward to the weekend to recharge.

But alas, as we all know, Monday will come shortly swinging around again.

Yet, work the week, recharge on weekends and then move onto another busy week...

Is that all there is to our lives?

We kept ourselves so "busy" that we forgot about "ourselves".

So what about little change in our lives?

What if we took some time to review our lives - whether we are spending it in a blind rush each week, or whether we are spending our time in a way we feel is meaningful.

And if the answer is NOT the latter, how about we learn to give some time each day to do something we thoroughly enjoy?

Something that sparks a little light in you, like how starting this little account while working at my old job brought a spark to me?

Or volunteering and chatting up distressed strangers to see how they are 😊 spreading a little bit of kindness, spreading a little bit of me.

And after some time, it made me really realise what I needed to do let myself fully shine again.

Because we all deserve to see the real us shine through.

Life is NOT about keeping ourselves busy all the time.

Life is about being true to who you are.

So, big or small, find time to spark a little light of "you" okay?

Take care,



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