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You are so much more than this.

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Don't be swayed by the narratives of society.

I had a wonderful chat with one of my clients today.

That resonated with a past version of me.

This was the time when I was still working in a corporate job and earning a fairly sizable salary. And yes I didn't have to worry about money and stuff then. And by all societal standards I was really doing well too.

But deep inside, I didn't feel well at all.

Something was missing.

And that missing part was myself.

We were meant to be more than grades and a degree.

More than living with just our job as our identity.

More than the paycheck that seemingly defines other's worth.

More than what most other people only seemed concerned about.

Because we were not put here on earth to live "templated" lives.

Even though that seems to be the main message driven into us from young.

But I can tell you this, as someone who speaks to many.

Those people you look up to with good grades and good jobs..

Those with nice paychecks, houses and cars..

Those who by all appearance and societal standards look successful and rich...

They may look driven, seemingly having it all "sorted out".

But the truth is this, they are NOT happy.

Because they are just living the life of somebody else.

Somebody they've been told to become and continued to be swayed to be.

Never actually "enough", always feeling like they have to chase something "more" .

But that "more" will never come, because deep inside that's never who they wanted to be.

So stay true to yourself and your values please.

Don't let yourself be swayed by the narratives of others and of society.

This life is yours and yours only to decide.

Because the only one living this life is you, and nobody else.

And the truth is also this that when you embrace a life of truly being "you".

You bloom.

You become the "you" that you've always known you're meant to be.

Take care,



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