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A liberated mind.

Nothing to see here everybody. Nothing at all to prove.

Nothing to see here everybody, nothing at all to prove.

Just doing things quietly and secretly.

Celebrating being "me" all on my own.


You see, seeking external validation is such a tricky thing.

It's also such a normal thing that all of us naturally do.

For each of us innately yearn to feel accepted and connected.

Because the opposite of that means we get hurt.

Because no one wants to feel rejected and isolated.

Or abandoned and alone on our own.

But what this means is that the very nature of validation seeking..

... Is built upon a foundation of fear.


You see, validation feeds into our ongoing narratives, weaving an ongoing story about ourselves.

A story that we curated for the world to see, that really, we started weaving a long time ago.

We didn't know any better then, it was a narrative that was meant to stop us from getting hurt.

Perhaps an unshakable story of our importance and significance.

That we are loveable and obviously worthy creatures.

Or perhaps this narrative was built to be worn as a shield.

That we are untouchable or cannot be hurt.

That our success spoke of our unshakeable egos. That if you left me, I'll still be all good on my own.

"See look how well I'm doing. Look at me, I can't be hurt".

But whatever the narrative might be, aren't they all such fragile stories?

When they don't come from within and depend on the external, don't they just feel fake and really scary?

Like a house that's built from a deck of playing cards.

It can be pulled apart or come tumbling down at any moment.

Always watching out for the next setback or failure.

The next whisper or judgment from somebody else.

It must be a very exhausting way to live.

Keeping up this narrative of ourselves.


So what happens when we can let go of these narratives?

To no longer have to spend our time and energy building up this story of "me".

To live our lives not for the sake of the world.

To finally, well, just be you and me?

Wouldn't that be liberating.

Be free,




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