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A little note to all the "people pleasers" out there.

And why it's not your fault.

Made this post for a past self of mine.

For that youth who was always swayed to be who others wanted him to be.

To feel like he always had to be that funny and nice guy.

To feel like he always had to be interested in whatever else everyone was interested in.

To feel like to say "no" would leave him ostracised, criticised and then perhaps abandoned.

The youth who gave into the fear, but lost who he was in the process.

And the same youth who spent many nights sleepless, wondering why he couldn't just be himself.

To that youth, this inner child of mine, I want you to know that I'm still proud of what you've done.

You did what you had to, to fit in.

You didn't know any better at that time too.

I'm not ashamed of you at all.

You got us to where we are now.

And look where we are!

We are helping others who suffered just like we did.

So again, I'm proud of you okay?

Let's never be afraid of our voice.

Who knew that our voice would become strength for others too.

I hope you're proud of what we've done too.

(The inner child in me feels warm. Nodding, and says "yes").

Take care,



P. S. I was never interested in football / soccer. But would spend alot of time as a youth trying to act interested because that's what all my friends were doing.


To us being ourselves again, let's keep going everyone!


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