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On neglecting ourselves for others.

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

And learning to never to do that again.

It's hard to put this feeling into words.

But if I had to try, perhaps it's the feeling of silent resentment.

A feeling of being exiled by others just for feeling different.

Where even though we can't help but feel outcasted or mistreated...

We find ourselves mute, lacking any means or words to keep ourselves safe.

And in the midst of this mess of feelings and emotions, the worst part is to feel like there is no one else really to blame.

Other than ourselves.

For being silent.


This feeling is an ode to my teenager years.

Back then, I was still carrying a huge fear of being abandoned.

A fear so scary that it often led me to stay quiet.

Even when those around me said or did things that made me feel like I was not valued.

But then again I was afraid of creating a commotion.

What if I shared my feelings and they didn't like it?

What if they thought I was just being "too sensitive" or even "too much"?

Wouldn't that just thru