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What your inner child needs to know.

And always deserved.

This is for all you childhood trauma survivors out there.

Where perhaps like me..

Your childhood trauma is showing up as perfectionism or a fear of criticism.

Perhaps as staggering anxiety.

Perhaps you might feel this ongoing sense of defectiveness about yourself.

A feeling that you can't seem to shake, since it's so deeply ingrained.

Or perhaps like "K" to whom I'm dedicating this post too..

Perhaps you blame yourself for not being a "better" child at times.

That at times, you were angry and resentful back then.

That at others, you might have been unkind too.

But it's led you to carry this bit of guilt and shame, wondering if, really, you've just always been this "bad" person inside.

Just like "K", just like me.

But to you out there..

You never deserved to feel this way.

You deserved to be safe and loved just for being you.

And if you carry one of the feelings I mentioned above, know that there's an inner child inside you waiting to know this too.

Waiting to be comforted, waiting to be relieved from this burden.

An inner child who never wanted to be angry or unkind.

An inner child who never deserved to constantly worry about the next criticism, abuse or punishment.

An inner child who didn't need to strive so hard to be "perfect" or "good all the time".

Because if there's one thing you deserved back then, it was to have the innocent and wonderful experience of simply being a child.

And a child who felt steadfastly loved at that.

Take care,


To "K" Let's keep going 👌 let's set our inner child free

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