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Goodbye 2022.

Bringing our light into the new year :)

You and I, we survived all of our darkest days this year.

Well done :)

Let's take a moment and give ourselves a big pat on our backs okay?

*Pat pat*

Depending on where you are, the new year might have already arrived.

Or it might be coming in a few hours like it is for me here.

Whatever it is, my wish for you in the new year is simply to keep shining.

To let the light of you continue to shine through in all that you do.

Whether it's in your friendships, relationships, at work, or in your passions.

Focus on being the person that you know in your heart you want and need to be.

And shed everything that isn't important and isn't really you.

Keep going my friend.


What the year ahead will be like for us, no one knows.

But even if there are dark days to come, know that there is a light that is brighter still.

And that is the light is you.

The one who refused to surrender.

Happy New year,



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