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"Hello Anxiety"

I thought you were the monster in my head.

I'll be the first to admit, it isn't easy to turn to look at our anxiety with "compassion".

Especially when it threatens us with so many overwhelming thoughts.

And the times it throws waves of emotions at us, ranging from panic to helplessness.

To my anxiety, I really can't even begin to count the number of times you made me spiral.

Many times, I really wished you would simply get lost and go away.

However, the more I struggled with you and fought against you, the worse I seemed to get.

And the more you tried to suck me in.

You made me feel lost. Like I'm caught in a battle I would never win.


Well, I'm trying a different tack now. I am not going to fight you any longer.

That's not what you wanted at all in the first place.

You wanted me to hear you. To hear about the hurt you've been carrying from so long ago.

That really, you're just trying to protect us from ever getting so badly hurt again.

Well, I'm listening now..

Tell me all you have to say.

But just like I hear you, hear me too ok?

Because I want you to know that while your worries are all valid, what we have to focus on are the things within our control.

Let me take charge of that now.

But thank you for trying your best all this time.

You can let go now,



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